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I realize times are tough, but, if we let our properties and those of our neighbors go into such disrepair that child playing in such, maybe abandoned, get injured..if criminals take over and cause such chaos like what is happening in Chicago today, what will happen to our children?  Our neighborhoods?  Our city and county?


Homes and properties in disrepair DO need more time and charities to help out; no doubt.  Still, we have friends and neighbors; have you asked them to help, even in some small way?


Too, STOP using Neighborhood Code to make complaints on properties of those you dislike or with whom have some kind of grievance; this is why we have courts, lawyers, and mediators...even churches and their leaders!!!!!


TOO...and I DO NOT MENTION THIS LIGHTLY:  If you have a property in which you do not live, especially residing out of Allen County, you need to record it with Neighborhood Code.

 Housing Registration Printable Form

This printable form is provided for compliance with the City of Fort Wayne's Housing Registration Ordinance. All owners of residential property who do not occupy the property themselves must register the property with the Department of Neighborhood Code. Filled out forms may be submitted to, faxed to (260) 427-1409, or sent via U.S. Mail to: Neighborhood Code Enforcement 200 E. Berry Street, Suite 320, Fort Wayne IN, 46802.


Recently, I have seen copper theft lead to an almost complete destruction of a terrific home in which had been considerable money and work invested BECAUSE owner lived out of town and sister, in town, was not vigilent in monitoring and left no contact number with neighbors.  Within a matter of a couple days, a house can fill up with water or blow up and destroy many properties AND, MAYBE  LIVES around it.  Criminals may even have this in mind when they disconnect these pipes, as I have heard in this example home, "so no one but criminals will want to inhabit after such destruction".


It's NOT just the home values which go downhill when properties go into disrepair, but the very lifestyle of residents around and possiblity to even survive.


DO WHAT YOU CAN.  If you really can't, ask for help.  211 is always there during weekdays, and there's always churches and charities.  If not, go to Neighborhood Code office and ask for extensions and maybe referrals; they DO care!!!





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