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How long will it take for neglected yards turn back into forests and pastures?

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Some houses abandoned; some just doesn't have owners care about them. 


Neighborhood Code won't cite any violations if not easily visible from street.


Owners of properties bought a good 4th or less of appraised values a few years ago, rent to those barely able to pay.  Deal made, then, is to have renter liable for yard maintenance.


So, I ask you, how long does it take for a neglected yard to return to forest or pasture?


What can we all do to make sure it doesn't attract rats, snakes, or illegal dumping?


Polls of many in the area reflects people's wishes to not have houses so close together, and tearing down of many, replacing with air-oxygen-filling trees and plants VERY welcome.


Maybe we all should consider building new houses at property-back..making front yard accessible to authorities.


What do YOU think?  What are you doing in your neighborhoods, short of legal action?

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I reported the one vacant lot in our neighborhood for weeds/grass as soon as it was high enough back in late April.  I used the actual address of the property.  I followed up with Code Enforcement later in May since it still wasn't cut and they didn't seem to have a record of it.  Anyway it was posted after I gave them an existing home address and told them the vacant lot was behind that house.  Here it is June 2nd and do you think the weeds/grass is cut yet?  It must be 3-4 feet tall.

I don't really have a solution for you other than the fact that you may want to keep on top of the homes that you do call in.  I know about the time factor though..... It may also be a good idea to talk to Cindy Joiner when she comes to your area partnership meetings and voice your concerns to her.

I feel fortunate to live in an area that most people want to live in (North Anthony) and we have our share of foreclosed homes but most of them are snapped up, repaired and resold to actual homeowners.  I do sympathize with you as I grew up in the S. Anthony/McKinnie area and understand where you are coming from........  Mike

Believe me, I know of such reports which do not get handled, too.  I can't say why this happens, but, have heard Cherise Dixie complain in a past Neighborhood Meeting, televised, that she can pull some N.C. reports and has acccess to all reported (as just submitted for harassment).  I'm not sure if this is still true, but, DO know no department is perfect and there are always powerful people who CAN pull such reports. 


Too, I have been told that if owner-of-record cannot be found or will not pay amount N.C. encurs, they hesitate to add to the debt.  Iin this case, push should be made to go to a tax sale for property.  If owner cannot be found at all and no out-of-town owner can be reached, then there has to be some solution put on paper and implemented, maybe by Allen County. 


What I do if too long no action happens is always follow up, complain to 311 AND online about how many times I have had to report this issue, and, if more than 3 times, speak to Cindy Joyner and find out what is going on. 


One neighborhood association I know of, in the past, got a grant for their own workers and equipment to cut grass, etc., charge homeowner, and have it on record, legally, as lein.  I'm not sure if this is still the case, but, with all the unemployment, I would think an association might want to check out the possibility.


Glad to hear you care!!!

Thanks for the reply.  I find that calling alone does not always bring N.C. or proper people out to investigate or cite, too; 311 is always best to call as supplies reference # (which can be used on, too).  I NOW have a group of people who routinely patrol and, report to our management team if not handled.  We call or go to city site, using reference # and get updates.  If necessary, report again; if no results, then go to dept. head.  


I am finding that this neighborhood is becoming a place many want to live.  Even houses vacant for many years are now being snapped up and considerable repairs and monies invested.  I definitely have to thank City & County Depts. like Economic Development and Neighborhood Code for helping to make this happen and get work out of these properties being available, too!!!  This also helps us all, as gets monies-owed off books!!!!


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