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Tired of being harassed!

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Personally I think certain residents in this neighborhood are targeted! I've had 2 nasty letters from the president, 1 concerning a vehicle that is licensed and insured. I was told it couldn't be on the street, fine I complied. But low and behold Ihave to drive around vehicles at the entrance and on every street in this addition, where is their letter? I just received a letter that "I have no common sense" because I want to purposely devalue my property because I set an old chest of drawers outside to be picked up by Serv-All after I just spent $1500 on renovating the upstairs it just came out of. The reason you don't get attendance at your meeting is because you are RUDE and do not apply the covenants to everyone. I have lived in this addition for six years and have done nothing but improve my property and no problems until the current board took over! Meanwhile I have a house behind me with an in-ground pool that had stinking fish in it all summer, a neighbor that doesn't mow his yard and a neighbor that doesn't shovel his walks. Do I whine? NO being a good neighbor I talk to them and ask if they need some help or I just shovel it myself or offer to mow it if they are busy.All it takes is one neighbor to make your life hell and I've got one on my street. TO THE BOARD....TAKE CARE OF THE THINGS THAT ARE TRULY THE PROBLEM AND LEAVE HARDWORKING HOMEOWNER'S ALONE!!!!!!!! If you want Sycamore Hills move there!

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"I just received a letter that "I have no common sense"...


Was this a letter from a Winterfield board member or a upset resident?


If the former, that sort of language is abrasive at best.


If the latter; well; understandable given the current atmosphereic cultural landscape we now contend with everyday.

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