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Job, needs NOW

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Tax sale information now out, again our area has been hit fairly hard.  People will soon be out of a home UNLESS, if they cannot get or want an apartment, they can arrange to buy the home in which they now live or rent to own another.  DO NOT go to the drug dealers and pimps for help; they will only help you out of your money and hope. 


Search your local newspapers for jobs:

AND even put in an add for what you want.  We, here in Fort Wayne and Allen County are a community..and will reach out, IF ONLY you ask and will do your part to make it happen. 


Let's just say NO to handouts being the ONLY option and believing we never will have a chance for a better life. Let's enter the game, get up to bat, and let someone else around here (someone we may not even know) throw us a ball to hit...that home run!


Search and ask..and expect an answer to come and a door to be opened.  Try your hand at your own business:


If you REALLY want to make a difference for you AND others, try working directly with local government for possible funding options, training, and opportunities/partners in the wonderful programs they have in place:


DON'T sit back and say it's God's will (or whomever you consider Supreme, if anything), when, in fact, God wants us to succeed and be prosperous..ALL OF US!


Get in the game, folks!  Hit the ball outta the park!


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