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Nusiance Barking

A common neighborhood animal control complaint centers on dogs that bark excessively. Continuous barking, especially during late night hours, can result in neighborhood disputes and is a violation of the City Animal Care Ordinance. According to code, “Noisy Dog” - no person shall allow an animal to bark, yelp, whine, howl, or make sounds common to its species in excess, continuously for 15 minutes or for a total of 20 minutes in a one-hour period.

Although it’s normal and reasonable for dogs to bark from time to time, just as children make noise when they play outside, continual barking is a symptom of a problem that needs addressing. Most often dogs howl, bark and whine out of frustration and boredom. Increase the dog’s exercise through daily walks and play time to give the dog more “people time” and mental stimulation from new sites and smells. Neutering is recommended to reduce territorial barking and crate training is strongly recommended to bring the dog inside the house while you are away. Be a considerate neighbor and a responsible dog owner and eliminate the neighborhood complaints from the mail carriers, neighbors, and parents of children walking to and from school. Report nusiance barking to the Animal Care & Control office at 427-1244. In some cases an affidavit process may be offered, which will result in the dog owner being summoned to Court.

Did Your Dog Leave Something Behind?

Animal waste left in public areas and in neighborhood yards is a familiar complaint. And, while the neighbors might enjoy seeing your dog, they do not enjoy seeing what he leaves behind. As a reminder City sanitation law requires citizens to remove animal feces immediately from public lands and from the property of another. Citizens must also maintain animal areas in a sanitary manner regularly and as often as necessary to prevent odor, or health and sanitation problems. When sharing common areas, be considerate of where you take your dog to urinate. Although it is not a legal requirement to remove animal urine, allowing a dog to eliminate in public areas where children play is inconsiderate and just bad form. If you encounter an on-going problem concerning sanitation, report the concern to Animal Care & Control at 427-1244. If at all possible, a timely photograph of an owner allowing a dog to leave feces behind has been known to result in a timely $50 citation.

Solving ?“Cat?”-astrophes!

Last year over 7,000 cats were turned into Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, most of which were roaming freely through neighborhoods. City laws regarding confinement, vaccination, spay/neuter, and pet registration apply to cats as they do dogs. Cats are required to have a current one year or three year rabies vaccination, they must be confined inside the home or on the property of the owner, and they must wear a current registration tag from Animal Care & Control. Only one cat or dog per household can be unaltered without a cattery or kennel permit. To report a stray animal, call 427-1244. Humane live traps are also available from the shelter. To claim a lost pet, visit the shelter at 3020 Hillegas Road.

Kittens Having Kittens

It’s a fact, kittens as young as six months old can begin reproducing if the owner delays the spay or neuter surgery. In just three years two unaltered cats and all the unaltered offspring can produce 382 kittens and that number jumps to 73,041 kittens by the sixth year of uncontrolled breeding. If your pet is pregnant, you must obtain a breeder permit from Animal Care & Control regardless of whether the litter is intentional or unintentional. Spring is here, so call a veterinary clinic or The Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic at 424-5982, and located at 1313 Broadway

Posted by ameenagh on 11/26/2006
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