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Good afternoon,

My husband and I went home today for lunch and found that our swinging chair was stolen. Someone has drove his truck over the hill along Switzer road, took the bench, turn around fast and escape to Switzer to get away. Part of our lawn was damaged because of that.

Have anyone been in a situation similar to this? What can we do to prevent or stop this from happening to someone else?




I have noticed both young men and women in the neighborhood that do not belong here.  They are normally selling magazines going door to door.  They seemed to be very curious of what is in your yard and garage.  Not sure this is related, just a thought.

About 4:30am on Monday of this week my husband awoke to a noise and looked out the window to see a man in our neighbor's backyard! We immediately called 911 and he yelled at the guy and asked what he was doing. Police came and took statements and checked the perimeter of our neighbor's home. Later that morning we began to chat with our neighbors about the incident and found that several had heard their gates open through the night setting off loud barking from their dogs. I wasn't aware until today that we now have a half way house on our street! At least that is what I am being told. I don't know how I can verify this but it is every alarming to me. Was anyone else aware of this? We are all going to be a lot more vigilant about locking our gates and continue to watch out for one another. If you know how I can verify the half way house please advise. Stay safe and watchful.


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