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Black Dog on Colonial

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There has been a black dog on Colonial around the Mockingbird area that is ALWAYS out. He looks like he is taken care of, but he wears no collar or tags. I could not stand the thought of him being hit by a car...he will not let you come near him. So, I called the animal shelter to come pick him up. If you know who this dog belongs to, please call at 362-5310. I did not know what else to do about it...it is a black dog, about 40 lbs., with pointy ears. I hope if someone owns him, they will call and get him and keep him locked up and put a tag on him.
Black Dog has an owner

The black dog belongs to a lady that lives in on the west side of Colonial, 3 houses North of the Colonial/ Flamingo intersection. The neighbor's fence is damaged and the dog gets out under the neighbor's fence while the owner is at work. The dog has a puppy.
The pound does not return pets to their owner or make any effort to keep a healthy dog or cat alive. They have put over 13,000 adoptable animals to sleep over the last year. Most pet owners are responsible and try to keep their animals in their own yards, but, they can't be supervised 100% of the time.

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There are 3 black dogs that belong to a guy that lives on the West side of Colonial between Hummingbird and Flamingo.I don't know the house number. These dogs get out almost everyday. Today they went after the meter reader. The postman can't even deliver the mail on some days, and she has used pepper spray on them. We have spoken to the owner numerous times and he is oblivious and dumb and really does not care. We have called Animal copntrol at least 10 times. We have reported this to the Neighborhood Association and no one is doing anything. I am sick of it. You can't even go out into your own yard. This will stop!!!
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