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I live on Hummingbird near Colonial and have seen a lot of cats outside recently. Several of my neighbors have outdoor cats and I am fine with that and recognize them when I see them. There is one small long haired calico cat that has been sleeping on my back porch during the cold weather. Last night I looked out my window and noticed that my neighbor, who wasn't home, had three cats that I have never seen before under her carport and one (Orange and White cat) had a very badly mangled foot. I am concerned that these are stray cats that need some help. If you have any information to add it would do a lot to ease my mind.

The 2 very large fat orange cats- the bob tail and his budy are ours. We live of Colonial. But,they too fat to be mistaken for strays though, so it may not be mine you're seeing. We keep them in most of the time, but, the neighbors on our block ask that we let them out daily so they can perfom ''Rat Patrol'' duties.

By Neighbor
Re. Cat buddies

One of the outside cats belongs to a neighbor across the street. Her cat is inside right now, because she was just taken in to be spayed. I think prior to being spayed was one reason that some of the male cats were on the prowl, if you know what I mean. Not to mention that prowling kitties will usually bring out other kitties because of their territorial nature. I'm glad to see the cats (my dogs aren't), as they do perform rat patrol. I'm always happy to throw some water or some food their way to try and keep them happy and healthy.

By Another Hummingbirder
cats and rats

Yea I don't mind the cats it's the rats that bother me, with some of the rental properties not being taken care of I've noticed more rodents in Mallory Dorrie area however cats have been seen lately with fewer rats.
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