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suspicious car - Colonial / Kaye

Posted in: Colonial Acres
Green car (a Taurus) parked on Kaye today. Driver saw us and moved down the street with his head turned all the way around from us. Car was running.

We called 545-COPS on this, and while it might have been nothing, we had a strange feeling about the car being there, moving, and then waiting and looking at houses. Let's look out for each other and be aware.

By Dee Rd.
Good work !!

Nothing will deter criminals more than to see neighbors either outside or watching. Leave an outside broom in easy reach to give an excuse to walk out to the curb if you have to !!
Anything you can do to show you are paying attention will make them think twice about an attempted break in.

By Hopewell Neighbor
Re.Good Work!!

Yes, good work, indeed. We ALL need to do this. If I see anyone suspicious, an open cell phone to take a photo (or pretend to, they don't know) or a pen and pad to write down a tag number and description goes a long way.

By C A Resident
Strange vehicles

What type of response did you receive from the East Precinct?

We've had some weird traffic on Amboy today too- A large primer black chevy pick up mid 80's -with Fog lights and a roll bar over the cab. and a heavy duty grill. It paused in front of a neighbor's house that was not home. When I stood up and looked out the window, they took off.

By Blue B
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