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The City of Los Angeles has designated the part of Westside Village south of Palms Blvd as an area eligible for funds from a special allocation of $25 million to improve the area. They would like our input as to how to best use the funds to improve the area in our neighborhood.
Watch your newspapers and for notification and information from the City and our association in the near future.
Area Improvement.

It is great news to hear that the city has designated the area south of Palms as elgible for funds to improve the area. My suggestions are as follows.
1- Put notices on all illegaly parked trucks, campers, junk cars, etc that they have 1 week to move or be towed.
Any vehicles that have are deemed unsafe, cosmetically undesirable, or not road worthy should be impounded.

2- Vendors strewn along Venice blvd should be given notice that selling their fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc will no longer be tolerated for safety reasons and have 1 week to stop.

3- People having yard sales on lawns along Venicle blvd should also be given notice that they will need a vendor license to do so in the future. This should include anyone setting up as a vendor out of an automobile or truck.

4- City should plan on buying out old deteriorating business along Venice Blvd including ''piece o pizza'', Howards Avocado Burger'', etc. City needs to annex these locations and lease the land to new businesses.

5- City should also plan on buying out old apartments along Venice blvd that house multiple people living in 1 and 2 bedroom units. Pass laws that allow maximum amount of people based on bedrooms in unit. No more than 2 in a 1 bedroom, etc. Should tear these down and lease land to property companies with tax incentives.

6- ENFORCE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION LAWS! This is a major one. Illegals have come here for low paying jobs which brings poverty to the area. This is long overdue folks. This will be the catalyst that will set everything else in motion where people will want to come to the area. The upward cycle will manifest itself in the revitalization and modernization of the area that would follow.

7- Enforce laws that currently allow businesses to hire illegal immigrants.
Any company or business should pay a stiff fine for the first offense and be punished to the fullest extent of the law for any subsuquent offense.

Bill M.

By Bill M
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