neighborhood rummage sale

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I was thinking that it would be fun to have a neighborhood rummage sale. I just had one of my own and made a good amount of money. We could use one of the vacant lots so we would have plenty of space. A percentage of the sales could go to the neighborhood association. We could have refreshments perhaps??? Kids could sell lemonade?!!! Rummage sale ads are only 28$ for 2 get 10 lines, free yard sale signs and price tags. So the fee wouldn't be much if we split it up. Plus it would give the people who don't like to talk and sell much a way to get rid of their old junk. Let me know what you think.
great idea!

I have been thinking the same thing! A rummage sale is a good idea. I thought the vacant lot was a good idea too, although, Stephan mentioned it might not be insured or zoned for such an event. I can call the owner of one of them and ask. Or, does anyone have a large yard (ha) to use? Or we could really try and make a big event and get a permit to close part of Howard Street down to set up in the street. I'm all about a rummage sale! Let's do it!

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Hello I was reading your post. I was wondering if you knew that you can post your neighbor rummage sale on craigs list it is free that way it will save you money. everyone I know looks on craigs list for rummage sales..Just thaught that I would ask you. Have a great day. And good luck I will be watching for your rummage sale. I live in uncie indiana. It is good to start posting a week ahead so poeple know about it. So it gets word of mouth

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