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Someone shot my cat with a BB gun

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Last Saturday my cat was shot with a BB gun by someone in this neighborhood.  He came home gasping for breath barely able to walk.  We took him to the animal emergency room where they found that a BB had penetrated through his lungs and into his abdominal cavity and his lungs were filling up with blood.  We don’t know yet if he will survive.

Elvis is a loving, friendly cat who loves to walk around the block with me and my son and sings to his stuffed zebra every night.

I am hoping that the person who shot him was just trying to teach him to stay out of their yard and did not realize that BBs could penetrate the skin and kill a cat.  In that case I hope this letter will serve to educate that person that this is not true.  If more harm was intended I hope that this letter serves to warn other cat owners about this.

My family and I are new to this area.  I am a doctor and my husband is a scientist.  We are decent, hardworking  people and I am now having doubts about this neighborhood being a good place to raise our growing family.

Of note, violence against cats or dogs is animal cruelty and is against the law even if they are in your yard.  It is also against the law to shoot air guns within city limits.

Your neighbor on Westlawn

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I am so sorry that this is your welcome to Duluth. We are new to the area as well.


I found this post as I put "Duluth BB Gun" into a search engine as my cat (also in Kenwood) was shot today. It is a leg injury and she will eventualy be fine -though treatment is not inexpensive.

We have a neighbor who has said threathening remarks about our cat.

I was wondering how your event turned out?



My dog was shot tonight by an air gun. She was peeing in the yard. She wasn't barking or being in anyway disturbing to anyone. The drunk neighbor shot her in the hip. It penetrated the skin, and she had two pellets removed and one is in her hip muscle. YES it can kill an animal. These pellet guns kill kids too.... the pellets travel at 485 feet per second. They aren't toys, they aren't legally to be fired in city limits.... they are dangerous. 


My dog will recover completely, but it is NOT ok that this happened. I hope that you made a police report. 


I am sorry that your pet was injured. There is no reason to shoot at a pet.... really if its such a big deal call animal control - that is what their job is.


Best wishes!

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Did you cat make it? I've lived in Monmouth County for about 30 years and most people here are pretty decent. I'm really sorry that this happened.

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