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Expo Neighbors Environmental Group (ENEG, also known as Expo Neighbors) is teaming up with Earth Systems Science, Inc. and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to promote gardening for wildlife in the Expo Neighborhood area.

In 1994, Patrick McCullough, ENEG founder, started a small gardening effort to fight illegal dumping of trash in the abandoned railway right-of-way across the street from his home on Exposition Blvd. This ultimately led to a grassroots effort of neighborhood beautification with plants. The culmination of this effort was the planting of about 2,500 trees (1997) along a 6-mile stretch of the rail right-of-way. That was more than 6 years ago. Walk along that stretch of right-of-way (extending along Exposition Blvd from La Brea east to Santa Fe; most visible

But though several years have past, this is not the end. Expo Neighbors also created the Expo Rangers, a youth group, designed to provide both environmental education and related practical job skills training for urban youth and families. (Use the Expo Ranger link at the bottom of this page to get an application form. Adults and youth are welcome to join---even if you don’t reside in the Expo Neighborhood.) Earth Systems Science, Inc. (ESSI, a California educational non-profit, co-founded by Gregory Lee and Patrick McCullough) provides the educational curricula and technical support for the Expo Rangers. ESSI was contacted by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to explore the possibility of collaborating to help expand the implementation of the NWF wildlife habitat programs in the Los Angeles area.

The NWF wildlife habitat certification programs include the Backyard Wildlife Habitat®, Schoolyard Habitat®, and the Community Wildlife Habitat®. NWF is developing a Corridor Wildlife Habitat certification program. That effort is currently in progress and may take a year or so to complete. The beauty of this amazing networking of Expo Neighbors, ESSI, and the NWF is that the Expo Neighborhood could be a prime candidate to become the first certified NWF urban Community Wildlife Habitat® AND help pioneer and become the first certified NWF Wildlife Corridor!


MAKE A WILDLIFE HABITAT: Many of you did your part in beautifying and planting in the right-of-way and on some of the subsequent street planting efforts. You have seen and experienced the increasing number of birds, butterflies, and even fruit appearing in the area. Now it is time to step up to the next level. You can do more to increase the beauty, tranquility, property values of the neighborhood. You can do more to sustain your neighborhood. You can become a leader in your block or neighborhood. Use the Urban Wildlife Habitat Programs link below to get more details about the various types of habitat programs available.

BECOME A HABITAT STEWARD: Get trained to teach and coach others in your neighborhood to learn to create and maintain wildlife habitats. Use the Urban Wildlife Habitat Programs link below to get more details about the Habitat Steward Training program.

JOIN THE EXPO RANGERS: Consider joining the Expo Rangers and get environmental education, outdoor environmental career orientations, practical environmental job skills training, plus various personal growth and leadership opportunities. Use the Expo Ranger link below for an application. Expo Rangers can also qualify for Outward Bound Adventure full-scholarships for wilderness training experiences.


We live in one of the largest metropolitan areas of America. Yet our modern urban life and conveniences come with a high price tag---our lost connection to nature and the many wonders of natural things. No matter how big or small your home (even an apartment balcony will do), there is something you can do to garden for wildlife. Use the Urban Wildlife Habitat link below to learn more about what you can do to create and maintain your own Backyard Wildlife Habitat®.


Some of us had the good fortune to experience trips to the mountains, forests, or natural area parks. And some of us are so busy working to survive that our children haven’t had a chance to share in those experiences of our childhood. But you can do something, here in the city, to take a step to improve the education of children, your and those of your neighbors, and reconnect them with nature. Schoolyard Habitat Programs helps make a garden for wildlife at school. The program includes interdisciplinary lessons, all aligned to state education standards, so that teachers from all disciplines can use the garden to enhance existing lessons. Use the Urban Wildlife Habitat Programs link below. Then look for information about the Schoolyard Habitat® program and funding possibilities from NWF.


Your family, friends, and neighbors can do many things to make life in your neighborhood and community better. Many of you joined together with Expo Neighbors to beautify the Expo neighborhood. Some of you rent apartments, bought and own homes, have businesses in the area. You know the value and power of working together. Now, there is a way to gain national recognition for your efforts. Come together as a community with Expo Neighbors and create a certified Community Wildlife Habitat®. Use the Urban Wildlife Habitat Programs link below to learn more about gardening for wildlife as a community, and help improve and sustain the Expo Neighborhood. Certifying a community can take up to 2 years to complete! So don’t wait. The sooner we start, the sooner we can finish!

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