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We Win!!!

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The Planning Board voted 3-0 to oppose the rezonong. Tom May has the right to persue the application further, but he said that it wasn't worth his time. I believe that the development issue is dead. If it rises you'll hear from us.

Thanks to everyone who helped and showed up at the planning board meeting. We proved that the system will work if you have a collective voice.

By Ken Gleason
We Win

Mob Rule wins. Any person that was for the project was shouted down and not allowed to speak. What a way to win.
Mob or Democratic Process?

It appears that the democratic process and grassroots efforts worked. It demonstrated that the voice of the neighbors were heard over the desire of one developer to make over a million dollars. So, if you want to call a major majority a mob, go ahead. Many voices united have power. If the argument for the devlopment was so strong, the developer would have had more than one person speak up in his defense.

By ken gleason
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