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Oh weeds... and rain... and more weeds...


I've sprayed them with roundup (which seemed to work, albiet extreeeemly slowly!). I have noticed some of our neighbors utilizing weed control services. Mine just seem to keep hanging around and/or coming back. Anyone have any good suggestions or experiences to share on dealing with the little green monsters?!?

We use a gardener now so it's been a couple of years since I've had to get rid of the weeds, but I used a granule preventative (I think it was made by Miracle Grow and was in a yellow container, bought at Home Depot) Weed Prevent I believe it was called and it worked pretty well in preventing them before they start.  I also have a friend that uses a service once a year that sprays a preventative down and it keeps them from popping up all year long.


I'd say pull the ones you've got and then find a good preventative either through Home Depot or a reputable company and you should be good to go.


Good luck!

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I'm about to try Agent Orange here real soon! I'm trying to find the correct mixture on the internet - any help?


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