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Burning Mailboxes

Posted in: Farley
On May 24th 11 mail boxes were set on fire. The fire department was called to distinguish the fires. Has any one been arrested? This also seems to coinside with the graduation of Ben Davis High School. This is the fifth year the neighborhood has had problems on the weekend of graduation. Would it be possible for extra police patrol next year on the weekend that Ben Davis High School has there graduation ceremony?

I know this is an old post, but the advice still applies no matter what the situation is or when it arises.

Does anyone attend the IMPD Task Force meetings? The county is broken up into several districts. Farley may be in the NW since it's north of 10th St.

Call 327-3811 (the NON emergency police number) to get information or go to the City's website and get the exact date and time of this monthly meeting. When someone goes he/she can make contact with your N/CRO (Nbhd/Community Resource Officer) and give the information about your problems, and get some about how to utilize your police officers. They can't help you if they don't know about the problems you have.
I also maintain a Wayne township neighbors email list (though we're in the SW district south of 10th St.) and send out limited notices about things going on, news you can use, opinions (like everyone needs to vote, etc.) and share them with this large list of westside folks. If you'd like to be added to this list, contact me via this website.

You also have 2 Directors in Wayne township for the Marion County Alliance of Nbhd. Assns., Inc. (find them at www.mcanaindy.org) which Farley belonged to when Nan was active and lived there, who can help with some problems, especially in referring to appropriate places to get help. Laughing 

McANA does not interfere with neighborhoods but represents a common concern of all organizations and assists when possible, when asked by the community. Only associations can be members, not individuals.

Are you in contact with Pat Wood, the Farley Crime Watch captain? She does a great job but needs all the help she can get from all Farley neighbors just as all community leaders do.

Your neighbor across the interstate,

Merri Anderson

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