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Not quite in our neighborhood.. but good news nevertheless.

Silver City Earns Main Street Designation
by Helen Hermus

The Silver City District is one of four Milwaukee commercial districts to be awarded Main Street Milwaukee designation. Participating in the Main Street Milwaukee program means that businesses on National Avenue, from 31st to 39th Streets, will receive extra help from the City of Milwaukee, corporate sponsors, and LBWN for stabilizing and improving their businesses.

Nationally, 1,700 communities use the Main Street program to recreate a neighborhood feel that encourages residents to patronize local businesses and bring in customers from outside of the area. The Silver City District was awarded Main Street designation because of the commitment that businesses, residents, investor-owners and other neighborhood organizations expressed through support letters and donations in the application process.

The program primarily helps business owners, but relies on volunteers from the Main Street Community to work together to improve the surrounding neighborhood. The Silver City Main Street Community borders are S. Layton Boulevard, Pierce Street, Miller Park Way and Greenfield Avenue.

Community members have already pledged over 1,900 hours of volunteer work per year and more than $10,000 of financial and in-kind donations. Over the next few years, volunteers will have the opportunity to organize a farmer?’s market and street festivals, keep the neighborhood safe and clean, determine what businesses the neighborhood would like to see in Silver City, and make observable positive changes.

With the Main Street designation, Silver City residents and businesses will see a variety of improvements. The community will become safer as people start working together and talking to each other. Volunteers will work on committees to coordinate physical improvements such as litter control, design standards and crime issues.

As more businesses locate in the neighborhood, residents will find more goods and services available to them. Citizens can also expect increased employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. With the added boost of investment in the initial three years, property values will increase. All of these factors working together will create an improved image as the Silver City Main Street Community becomes ?“the place to be.?”

Please consider volunteering to become a part of these exciting changes in the Layton Boulevard West Neighborhood. To find out how you can help, please contact Helen at 645-1700
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