Fort Collins Pilot Trash Districting Program

Posted in: Fort Collins CO

The FC City Council will be meeting on July 21st at 6pm at the council chambers 300 Laporte avenue to discuss this program. Recent meetings have revealed that it is the intent of the City to establish a billing fee schedule for the local trash hauler which they must adhere to, based on a $/gallon amount. They then intend to break up the city into Trash Districts, and the haulers will have to sumit competitive bids to obtain the rights to service this district. The haulers will also have to abide by other restrictions legislated and enforced by the city, thus the City will become the Trash Czar. The haulers will be required to mandate X% of their loads be recyclable, thus the haulers will be forced to mandate recylcing by residents in the district, not the city. The local haulers are very concerned that due to the expense (new trucks, bins, overhead due to new rules) that they will be outbid by an outside, macro-hauler company, thus local jobs will be lost.

The goals of the program are to decrease CO2 and road damage by lessening traffic by multiple haulers in each neighborhood, but the adminstration of the program by the city is going to cost many times the cost of $50,000/yr in road damage.

Whether you are in favor of this program or not, it will undoubtably affect your neighborhood, your tax dollars, and your city in profound ways. Sound off to your city councilman (Lisa Poppaw, lpoppaw@fcgov.com for District 2 for Golden Meadows) and the entire city council to let them know your thoughts (cityleaders@fcgov.com).



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