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Oh my goodness I fall over everytime I get a Johnson Utilities or electricity bill. Anybody else? We pay double what other cities pay. Why? Does anyone know and is there anything we can do about this outrageous problem? I am a very conservative person when it comes to water and electricity. We are a family of five. but we take showers at night or very early, only use dishwasher at night, only wash clothes on Saturday's. And I have a steam washer that saves me alot, plus I have a dryer that is really good at saving money. But no mater, even before I get to paying for what I use I spend over 100 dollars just in fees and taxes how is that fair? And how do they get away with it? And how do people afford swimming pools or anything I have never seen the likes of this before. We should all take a stand against it and make something happen this will better are neighborhood and we can actually get ahead. 

I just posted a question about the same thing, and then read yours. Here is a link to a different discussion board. It explains a lot. It sounds like a lot of people are upset about it, I don't know why nothing has happened to fix it. I myself haven't been able to get Johnson Utilities on the phone. There is no other way to contact them that I can find. What kind of a company is this? We don't actually live there yet, but are looking at renting houses in the area. I'm glad I heard about this before making a decision. Good luck!



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My last month water and sewer bills was $300. It is unbielevable. Just a family of 2+1/2 , no swimming pool, no lawn to water but they said we spent 30.000 gallons of water in 30 days. What a lie. I told them something must be wrong with their water meter and that they need someone to come and check it and fix it. My wife told me that someone came and looked at it but he did say anything, no report, nothing. What kind of company is this? Are they the only one to offer utilities there in Copper bassin?  I will switch in a heart beat if i can.


Johnson Utilities is horrible.  They said that I consumed 27,000 gallons of water last July when my normal ave consumption monthly is usually around 6,000 gallons.


So far to date they will NOT admit that they made an error!!  Instead they come to read the meter and send me a bill with 2 or 3,000 gallons of water consumption .. and I've been recording the useage from the meter myself and where they get 3,000 .. I actually consumed 8,000 this past month.  It is obvious that they are just minimizing the useage until their numbers catch up for their mistake.


The water quality is also questionable .. and to get anyone to speak to you have to go into the office.  Even then, they may speak, but I wouldn't expect any positive results or you'll be disappointed.


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