Washington Square

1338 s. Shawnee Dr.

Posted in: Windsor Village
I have lived at 1342 s. Shawnee dr. for 3 years. Everyday and everynight every who lives in my house goes to sleep and wakes up to the people who live at 1338 s. Shawnee dr. 6 dogs BARKING CONSTANTLY AND EXESSIVELY TO AN EXTREME. One of thier Mutts has brain damage, so the vertically challenged lady who lives in the house tells me in her snoutty and sarcastic way. I don't see why this has to affect all homes that surround this house. We have lost several tenants do to these dogs EXESSIVE DOG BARKING. They have 6 (six) dogs that run into our house and won't leave I feel these dogs are scarred of some immoral behaivour going on at that house. I walked outside once and two people from that house having sexual relation on top of the mustang in thier parking lot. I don't want my children seeing such Deviant Sexual Behavior. Back to the point, Is it not against the law to have more than 2 dogs?
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