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Help - What Should I do about my Neighbor ?

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I have lived in Washington Park for 9 years now, and my most recent residence on S. Williams for the past year. My immediate neighbors are nice people, but I am appalled by the state of their yard and house. Imagine a chain-link enclosure with dirt/mud, unattended for years, essentailly just a dog run. Now imagine smoldering, festering dog poo all the time, rotting in the rain, at the far corners of the yard right next to your house. yes, they do occaisionally pick up, but not enough for us to even notice. Now imagine trying to enjoy the summer outside with the constant smell of rotting feces. ALL the time. No break. Now imagine a two year old who is terrified of the "new" dog they brought home which viciously barks anytime it sees us (luckily we built a nice wall to block view from our courtyard). To the point where it's owners have to bring it inside everytime we exit our garage.


I am really tired of the whole situation, and am not sure what rights I have to complain. Is this something the neighborhood association can help with ? I am fearful of health related issues with the dog feces. I am tired of this vicsously barking dog. I hate breaking a nice relationship, but ultimately, I really can't stand it anymore.

Apprecioate any guidance anyone might have. We live very, very close to this set of neighbors.

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