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Alert: Burglaries In Wash Park

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Flat-Screen Bandit Breaking Into Wash Park Homes
Burglar Breaks Into Homes During Day

DENVER -- A Denver neighborhood is on high alert after a series of break-ins.

They all happened in the Washington Park neighborhood and all in broad daylight.

Each time the suspect kicked in the front door and stole the homeowner?’s flat-screen television.

''He just went in, took out the cables, took the TV and left,'' said Katrina Skinner.

The suspect broke into Skinner?’s home last Tuesday. On Saturday her neighbor?’s house was burglarized.

''We were just glad that nobody was here,'' said Skinner. ''Because somebody could have easily been here at that time, but that is what is even more scary is that is seems like they had been watching so they knew the routine.''

Luckily a neighbor saw the suspect leaving the Skinner?’s house.

''My wife was coming home from a run and saw someone leaving our neighbors house with a large TV,'' said Adam Barkin. ''I think he saw her and basically threw the TV in the car and sped off down the street.''

The Barkin?’s were concerned about the rash of break-ins so they started a neighborhood watch group that is managed on-line.

''(It) allows you to email everyone in the neighborhood about upcoming events or whatever is happening in the neighborhood,'' said Barkin. ''Including these break-ins, things that neighbors can do to help watch out for each other.''

The suspect is described as a white male, 6 feet tall, weighing 200 pounds. He was seen driving a black or dark green SUV with no visible license plate.

Source: 7News
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