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Several Gripes for E. Wash Park

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I have several gripes for the East Washington Park neighborhood.

Do people actually come to this internet site? Well here goes nothing.

If you live in East Wash Park you are clearly aware that this is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Denver. That being said it just amazes me that our schools are ranked not of the highest quality but average or well below average. I don't know one neighbor that sends his or her children to South High and Steele. How do we go about taking back our schools and making them the best in the city? Why does a neighborhood like Yale Avenue have Slavins, a great school, and we are stuck with Steele, completely average? Does anyone out there care? Even if you don't have children in school, you should care about the schools, as that can clearly affect your property values. Why should I move with my children to Wash Park when Cherry Creek North has Bromwell?

Is there any advocacy out there for our neighborhood? It seems like everyone's prime focus is on Historical Designation. Fine that is needed or not needed, but what about other issues?

Issues such as parking on our East Washington Park Streets. Or neighbors who don't keep up with having a clean yard. I surely don't want covenant laws, but shouldn't there be things done to keep our area looking clean? That includes many topics that have been brought up here in the past, like cleaning up the alleys, removing abandoned cars, repairing a broken fence, general maintenance of your home (painting, mowing your grass).

I guess it just amazes me that again, this is one of the most desirable places in the city, but neighbors seem not to care about important issues within the neighborhood.

Does anyone agree with any of my points? Does anyone, such as Councilman Brown, read this website?

If so, why not start with cleaning up all the graffiti on our stop signs, dumpsters, and so on. Then we can tackle the issue of getting Steele and South High up to speed on being great schools, and schools in which actual neighborhood kids attend!!!!!!

By Chris

Gripes are real good. I agree with them.

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The Washington Park East Neighborhood Association is the place to work on your interests in our neighborhood. I am a member of the board of the association and also distribute the newsletter which contains information about the association and a variety of our activities. I hope that you receive it. I have lived in the neighborhood for 23 years and have sent my children to Steele and to South. They went on to excel in universities and to acquire advanced degrees. Also, I pick up trash every morning as I walk my leashed dog, I know of others that do so. My husband and I work on our part of the alley, which I agree is a daunting task.

So, there is another side to the story of multiple neighborhood frustrations. Please look up the information on the Association and/or contact me, if you would like to hear of our next meeting at which you will be welcome. We always can use individuals and families willing to get involved in more than single issues. Thanks for your input.

Obviously, this is not a high volume web sites, however, some people do read it. Our challenge is to find ways to improve our community.

My interest is in the increase in Tagging (graffiti) in the commercial sections of our neighborhood and what can be done to reduce it.
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