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Recent Burglaries

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Be alert!! There have been burglaries in the Wash. Park area recently. The police have a specific individual that they are looking for. He is stealing cash and jewelry only. Keep your alley gates locked and your windows secure. You can buy a piece of hardware that will limit how far your windows can be pushed up. For once a barking dog may be a good thing!!
Neighborhood ALERT 11/01

Neighborhood Alert
On Thursday November 8, 2001 at approximately 3:15pm, on the
400 Block of south Glpin, two individuals attempted to lure a neighbor
out of her house under the guise of needing assistance. Verbal assault followed
when the neighbor failed to open the door. The individuals were two males in
their 30's described as one being Hispanic with curly hair and the other Caucasian,
approximately 6'2'', brn medium hair, burley, with a chipped front tooth. They were
seen driving away in a small, dull gray/silver 80's (?) Import sedan (Subaru/Nissan?).
Police were notified and are providing extra patrol in our area.

Please be alert to any and all activity in our neighborhood and report dsuspicious
behavior immediately by calling 911 or 303.698.3333 (Dist 3 non-emergency).

As a result of more crime in our area, it has come to my attention that the street and
alley lights have low voltage of 100 watts. I have contacted Brian Mitchell, City of Denver,
who handles street wattages, and he informed me that indeed he can put in higher watt
lamps of 250 watts to increase the lights at night. As you are aware, East Wash Park
has EXTREMELY DARK STREETS due to the trees, shubs, etc... Brian also wanted me
to pass on to the W. Park Neighborhood Association that it is a benefit to Denver citizens
to get a petition for Mid-block street lights and the city will be happy to put them in as soon
LIGHT nor does the 400 S. BLOCK OF HUMBOLT... This is extremely important since these
streets are immediately off of Alameda where there is high volume ''foreign'' traffic (which
may enter our neighborhood)... Perhaps the neighborhood newspaper can put this information
in it... along with the importance that people get INVOLVED for their safety ... Many people
are under the impression that someone else is going to take care of these things but instead
nothing gets done unless (unfortunately) something drastic happens.

P.S. Brian Mitchell, City of Denver, said to please have people call him and he will have
mid-lights installed. His # is 720.865.2660
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