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This site needs publicity!!!!!

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Is anyone in charge of publicity for the Denver Wash Park section of Neighborhoodlink.com? I think this is a great site, but if nobody in the neighborhood knows it exists, it will NEVER really help the community out! There's a community leader for the board, right? Well you might want to get better input from your community on this site, and can do so if you put announcements on other sites like Denversidewalk.com, digitalcity, or even local newspapers like the Wash Park Profile, Denver Post, Cherry Creek Times, and so on. Or even the smaller approach and hang a flier at the Wash Park Rec. Center. I find it strange that in the last year or so, it appears this website has received 20 or less postings. Isn't there like 10,000 residents in the Wash Park Area?

By Anon
Advertising this site

Dear Anon -
Thank you for your input. I am the one responsible on the neighborhood association steering committee for maintaining and promoting this site. Yes - we do need to get the word out more about this site. I would like to address several of your points.

- Posting a flier at the Wash Park Rec Center. I did this religiously for 6 months from say October through March. The flier had little tear-off pieces with the web address. Many of the pieces were taken and I will check to see that there is a fresh flier placed on their bulletin board.

- Approaching the papers. This is a great idea and I will ask them if they would do it as a public service. The Profile is excellent at publishing info from us, so I would imagine they would be willing.

- The Steering Committee publishes a regular printed newsletter that always promotes the web site. This newsletter is hand-delivered by volunteers throughout the neighborhood to every household.

The Steering Committee is comprised of nine (9) individuals who volunteer their time. We are actually going to form some ''subcommittees'' this year to help us with all of the work.
One of the committees will be on communication with the neighbors. We would greatly appreciate some help in getting the word out about the web site. Please contact me - especially the ''Anon'' writer of this message - if you would be willing to do even just one little thing to help. My email address is sfox@ecentral.com
(More info on the committees and where we need help will be coming out in our newsletter and on this web site.)

- Funny as it may seem, word of mouth is often one of the strongest methods for attracting people to web sites. (This can also be through email word of mouth.) So, please forward this web site to all you know in our neighborhood. http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/denver/washpark

- Vis-a-vis your comment on only 20 people posting in the last year. That is actually not correct. People can post not only in the discussion area but also in the ''Calendar area'', the ''Community Pages'' area and the ''Community Hotlinks'' area. (You simply apply for access to post.) There is a place to look at all of the hits to the page - on the left hand side of the site. As you can see, many people access and use the site and post their information.

Thus, Anon, as a neighbor, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to your excellent suggestions and questions. I would ask though, if you have a moment, that you contact me and let me know if you would be willing to help call or contact any one of the entities you mention above.
Thank you,

Susan Pinkowitz
Wash Park East Neighborhood Association Steering Committee

By Susan Pinkowitz
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Publicity About the WPE Website

Dear Anon: Your message sends up the red flag that you may have never received a copy of our WPE News which comes out about 6 times each year. For over two years now we have printed the WashPark neighborhoodlink website address in our newsletter. Do you reside within the boundaries of Speer to the North, I-25 to the South, Downing to the West and University to the East? If you do, and have never rec'd a newsletter, we want to know about it. Some blocks in our neighborhood do not have volunteer distributors for the newsltr. (We are always looking for volunteers. Call me at 303/315-7054 if you can help.) We have also provided the website address at all of our neighborhood meetings (we have approx. 6/yr.). Thanks for your comments. The WPE Neighborhood Association will look for additional ways to make the website known to folks and to encourage feedback. Best Regards.

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