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Speed humps rule!

Posted in: Washington Park East
In think the neighborhood should install speed humps around the neighborhood and in the park. The cars really go flying up and down and all around the neighborhood. Speeding all over. It's quite scary. I installed a speed hump for my wife in the garage because she pulls in too fast and wrecks all the time.

I installed speed humps. Problem solved. :)

By Jon B.
Sure, traffic is too fast, but..

A Denver Police officer told me that speed bumps are illegal in the city limits. I think it has to do with snowplows. Yeah, I know your response already since I had the same one. ''Like a snowplow has ever been down my street.'' Oh well.
Agree somewhat....

I don't like the idea of speed bumps in our neighborhood, however I would like to see a 4 way stop sign at every intersection. If this were the case I doubt we would have all the fast cars driving down Kentucky, Ohio, Louisiana, and Mississippi. I think there is like one stop sign on Kentucky all the way from University to the park. People just ''punch it'' until they come to the stop sign over by that little shopping center by Vine or Race, then they punch it again all the way to the park! Plus there are no handicapped ramps on Kentucky, so you have like 10 women pushing strollers in the street, while these cars are going 35+mph. Yes, I agree something should be done. I also think we should be charging ''guests'' to park at the actual park itself. It's starting to look like a huge parking lot on Franklin street every Sunday afternoon. If we had no parking available on the streets and everyone had to pay $1 a day at South High parking lots, the street would sure look a lot prettier! What do you all think?

By Anon
speed bumps are good

I do not understand your objection to them. Besides, what does it matter if people are in speeding in other states like Ohio, Kentucky, etc.?

I think stop signs are wasteful because noone ever stops at them anymore.

Also if we make the speed bumps high enough then maybe the lowrider cars won't be able to drive through our nice neighborhood anymore.

I like speed bumps and the slow traffic they produce. It is an omnipotent way to handle the ''speeders'' in our neighborhood.

By lamb chop
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