Washington Heights Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Behavior Guidelines


This is our neighborhood.  We must work together to keep it a positive and safe environment to live and raise our children.  The quality of life depends upon mutual respect and concern.  We must all uphold a high community standard.

 Noise:  It can be an intrusion that interrupts another's activities.  Music from any source, including car stereos, is too loud if it can be heard one house away.  Fines can be issued when music is heard more than 50 feet away.  Fireworks are illegal in our city.  Fine can be from $500 to $1000 if convicted.

 Car Horns:  They are to be used in emergency situations only.  This is the law.

 Vulgar Language:  It is up to all of us to set a positive example in our neighborhood.  Please be sure that language is not vulgar, violent or abusive.  We have many children here, who do not need to hear this.

 Yards:  Crime and grime go hand in hand.  Uncared for property promotes a negative image for our block and neighborhood.  Overgrown week, unmowed grass, garages without doors and garbage and litter not put in proper containers will not be tolerated.  Unfortunately, when people clean out their cars in front of our houses or go through the garbage carts and leave litter behind, we are responsible for picking that up.  Let us all do our part to make this a neighborhood we can be proud of.

 Illegal Activity:  Drug activity will not be tolerated in this neighborhood.  We must call the police every time we detect the presence of drug activy.  Prostitution, Graffiti and Gang Activity will increase if we do not stop it.  We must work with local law enforcement to have properties declared a nuisance, thus having the property owner evict the suspected drug dealer. Contact your district CLO for more information on how to make a property nuisance.

 Pets:  Please clean up after your pet, whether it is in your own yard or in public spaces.  It is a law that dog feces must be picked up.  Dogs should always be leashed, fenced, supervised and not left to bark and disturb the neighborhood.

 Alleys: Please obey the posted speed of 15 mph and be observant of children playing.  Be sure that garbage, rocks and glass are picked up.



Posted in Milwaukee WI by doughamsher on 09/23/2009
Last updated by Milpaul on 09/23/2009
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