children cought up in affairs

Posted in: Washington

During my husbands three year affair with my waitress YVONNE MARIE BURLINGAME / PURAULT they involved my 16 year old soan now 21, my 4 year old doughter now 9, her 2 year old son now 5, her 7 year old doughter now 11.

     During the first year and half Yvonne and my Husband Troy A. Aldrich involved our children in there affair they went for walks and hikes and movies trips to the park like a little family behind my back and her husbands back.

     This affected our children in so many ways, my son was very angry at her cionfronted her told her to go the @#$!@# away and she did no such thing, My doughter gained so much weight and got very very angry by the time she was in the second grade she was almost uncontrolable, apparently her doughter has no respect and her father is fearfull of her and youg boys att 11 and feels they all need counceling for what our spouces did to our children I feel the same.

     they were building a little family of there own apparently they had at one point talked about running away together? but yet my husband sais he had no feelings for her when he went to every ball game of ashlys and wanted to teach coal to fish and camp and hunt? wow the odasity of these two adult parents that call themselves parents.

     I believe in CARMA and word of mouth......

Shye resides in Graham Washington and he resides in Auburn wa. I feel they both need examind for what they did to our children and there should be a law against that is there? 

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