82nd Ave connection at 58th St

Posted in: Glenwood Hills
Please post your opinions regarding whether 82nd Avenue should connect to 58th Street at 82nd Court or 81st Avenue. Please give your reasons so that we can have a good discussion on this subject. Thanks!

By Sheri Gormley
Cut through needed

Since I live on the 89th Ave freeway I tend to be a little biased in my feelings about the 82nd Ave. extenseion.
But, because of the growth in the area to the north of our neighborhood, and the fact that we are being surrounded by high density housing, changes need to be made in traffic patterns. I sympathize with the people that will feel the greatest impact of opening a cut through and removing the barracade from 58th St.(Hey, I am in that right now). the fact is that 89th Ave, 58th St. and 87th Ave have turned into traffic funnels. I have seen near misses between hot- rodding drivers and kids right in front of my house. Unless we open other outlets the situation will only get worse and maybe one of our kids will die.

For those who just think about the inconvience of having traffic around them, think of the advantage of having a buy pass to all the Mall traffic during the holiday season. Avoid getting stuck in all that traffic by coming in via 58th St.

Safety has to be our prime concern.

By Alan Durant
82nd Avenue Extension

I hear what you're saying; and as I mentioned in the newsletter, there is a 99% certainty that 82nd Avenue will be extended up to 58th Street in the next few years. The question is, where do we want the road to "land" along 58th Street?

The County Road Plan currently calls for the intersection to happen south of 82nd Court--a dead end cul-de-sac. What we need to discuss is, is this OK or would it be better to align the road with 81st Avenue, which goes all the way through to 63rd?

If the project proceeds as planned, all traffic will hit stop signs at 81st Avenue and 82nd Avenue. They'll have to stop, make a quick left and then a quick right heading south (and reverse order going north), which could create quite a bottleneck. If it connects at 81st Avenue, we could ask for a traffic light which would discourage people from using this route as a cut-through to the Mall (people cut through our neighborhood to avoid the traffic lights on Andresen).

By Sheri Gormley
82nd extention

If and when 82nd Ave is extended, I feel it should be at 82nd Ave, not on 81st Ave. I live on 81st Ave and feel that the speed on this street is already too fast. If 81st goes all the way through to the mall this will become a major throughway. If the connection is made at 82nd Ave, it will be less attractive to the people who want to speed to the mall. Hopefully they will continue to use Andreson as their throughway. With the new housing going in off 63rd Street these homes could create even more traffic down our street. If the road is a straight throughway, the people from the new homes as well as Green Meadows residents will all use 81st Ave. to get to the mall and SR 500. I feel if it connects at 82nd Ave, it will be far less traveled and keep people using Andreson as their main road to the mall and SR500. While I feel for the people along 87th Ave, I feel like 81st Ave has taken quite alot of traffic away from them already. We don't need it all! When we bought this house we looked into the planning commisions future plans and we bought on this street only after seeing the plans did NOT include extention of 81st Ave all the way through.

By Tricia Weiss
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