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What does the HOA Include?

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Just wanted to know if anyone could tell me what is covered in the HOA dues? I think the water and sewer are covered, but is there any other utilities? Also, do these units use gas?
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Not sure if you still would like an answer... but the HOA dues include water, sewer, pest treatments, monitoring of your alarm system, extended basic cable and all exterior maintenance including yard work. Also note that there are special assesements equal to 1 month's dues every quarter for primary repairs like the new roofs and foundations on some buildings...

By Anonymous 2
Not a lot

Basic Cable. Security Monitoring, trash, cold water, sewage, grass cutting, perimeter lighting, exterior wall insurance, but it doesn't pay from what I am told (almost everything is excluded) and exterior maintenance, but their is only one guy that does maintenance, and he is always doing work for those that pay him, so the place is in disrepair, not painted in 15 years or so.
Amazing the negativity from the responce above. We here at Las Brisas know the two women that wrote the above comment and know how negative, bitter and just plain dumb these two are. Las Brisas Hills HOA went through some issues over 10 years ago. A new management company and a new board took over for the better of the community. Home prices rose and the community went on the right track to build the great reputation it has today. There was some bad history and one of these two women know what happened with mis-management in the 80s and 90s. And she still thinks all was ok???? There are 301 homes here at Las Brisas and the community has taken on a big transformation in the last 10 years. The last paint job on the property was done in 2000 and 2001, so it was not 15 years ago. Good memory lady!!
Below are responces to each of her negative comments on each topic she posted to:
"Ready for a change" This lady did nothing, why? Cause no one else felt that a change was needed. We had our annual board meeting and everyone was happy. No negative comments came from any of the 75+ home owners that showed up! Even during the meeting the manager passed out a questionare asking people to fill it out with comments, suggestions etc., NOT ONE PERSON TURNED ONE IN. Everyone at the meeting was happy with how Las Brisas and the elected Board members have been running the HOA. A special thanks to our onsight manager who has now been with us for 5 years.
"Security Block Captains" Again, this old lady has her facts wrong! Condos were painted 8 years ago. Nothing is neglected at all! Prices have risen in Las Brisas, but we are in bad economic times, this whole county's real estate is not so good, everyone knows this, so don't try to blame the home prices that have just stood still for the last year or two on the Las Brisas Community and staff! Watch the news lady and open your eyes. Install some security devices she states??? We have, we installed new wrought iron gates at each entrance 4 years ago, 6 months ago we started up a lighting project to find any unlit areas and have addressed those with new flood lighting and are still in the process. We also have cameras on property, so what more do you want? Attack dogs in every yard???? As far as spending money on board members streets, well, gee, board members live on each street here, projects to "fix" things the correct was are done all of the time, and they are done right the first time unlike 20 years ago when issues were only bandaged. So, I guess money that is spent is on every street! Oh, and for that jab at DUKES???? That is someone who one one of the many residence who goes out of his way to help anyone in the community. He also has lived at 3 seperate homes at Las Brisas and spent his own money making the outside more attractive in common areas. He did not need to, but he did, why, I guess cause he likes living in a nice place as I do.

"What does the HOA Include?" Again, the negative women are incorrect, the monthly dues include: water, sewer, pest control, monitoring of your alarm system, extended basic cable, outside building insurance (less to insure your place), trash pick up and all exterior maintenance including yard work, etc. We at Las Brisas have a huge olympic size pool and a smaller pool, nice streets, etc, so you actually get alot for your money at Las Brisas Hills. We are also going through a special assesment  as we are replacing all roofs (as they should have been done years ago, but again, that was under the bad management in the 80s and early 90s. The special assesment is passed once a year and is a equal payment of your HOA dues and it is collected quarterly. We have actually had people who lived here before move away to a home and have moved back as they say it is cheaper per month! As far as the maintenance man never working or doing work for homeowners, get your fact correct you scorned woman! The maintenance man works hard and has actually saved this association quite a bit of money as we do not hire out contractors as he is able to perform the work needed, he is also very proactive about looking for things and taking care of items before it is an issue. Again, YES IT WAS PAINTED 8 YEARS AGO!
"workout facility" Again, a woman with her facts all screwed up! No one is money hungry, it is called maintaining the community and pretty much running a business. The board and management have to pay electric, water etc, do you assume it is free? Do you think maintenance is free, you have upkeep and hence to pay the bills the HOA collects dues. She knew that is what happens when you move into an association. IT'S NOT FREE. Have you seen gas prices rise? Cost of Electricity? Well we have to pay for that somehow. Wake up lady!!! As far as spending on the board of directors street, again they all live on different streets and no one is treated any different. Everyone out here is the same. The board and management company have a responsibility to maintain all buildings out at Las Brisas. Atleast when the new board took over in 1997, atleast they all live on property unlike the board it replaced where most lived out of town and were never around to run the show!, And this lady lived here when all of that mishappening went on!!! She needed to do something then!!!! Now the board has to care about the property as they all live on property!!!
"Death on Property" Again, this lady and her friend both are mis informed and do not have the facts in order! Yes there was a death on the property when a contractor had his crew out and an accident happened. People were around and it was very hard for many. Many of the residents of Las Brisas were out and helping the family cope in that horrible time. It was a tragety and yes, most knew, but no one was going to put up a big banner saying "DEATH HAS OCCURED", The association was very sad about the accident that occured and it hit the onsite manager very hard. The company that the man worked for had insurance and NO the family did not lose there home, no they were not going to be out on the street. Again, this lady was incorrect! Everyone who knew cared and people put there lives on hold that day and evening to be there for the family that was on property.
To wrap it up, Las Brisas is a great community. Most people here all know each other even though we are spread out. The dues are very reasonable for what services we get! We have a great board of directors who devote thir time and do not get paid a dime for it, why? Cause they are investing in the community to better all. The management company is a company that is very reputable and does an excelent job taking care of the finances. They get audited every year by a seperate company directed by the board and every year they are told that Las Brisas is doing a great job. The onsite manager is also a big asset as he is out going and very knowledgable as his back ground is HOA and management in California. He has been a great assett that stays on top of everything. We are a community that gets together for holiday partys and community events. We have garage sales twice a year and again, we all pretty much know each other. I guess all I can say about the postings by the same two ladies that were all negative is that their is always a couple of bad apples in the bunch, and out of 301 homes 2 of them is understandable!!!!
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