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New Owner of 1041 South Sixth St

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Please read the following for information about our new neighbor -- Matt McCormick -- Sole Proprieter of McCormick Motorsports --
imackimports@bellsouth.net. I've spoken with Mr. McCormick, and, approve of his purchase of the old Armored Car property.

McCormick Motorsports has been in business as a sole proprietorship since April 1 2004. McCormick Motorsports performs Automotive Repair Service and Custom Fabrication for import cars and off-road vehicles, which includes:
General Work
1. General Engine repairs and tune-ups
2. General Break, Alignment, Wheels and Axels Specialized Work
3. Exhaust systems and Fabrication*
4. Off-road services - Heavy duty suspensions fabrication, Engine power enhancements
5. Custom fabrications per customer specifications''' McCormick Motorsports caters to a special class of customer that wants his/her car to perform beyond the specifications of standard assembly line cars. This customer might require a different engine, exhaust, electrical, auto body change - McCormick Motorsports will entertain all requests including alternative fuel sources.
6. Electrical diagnostics and repair using latest computer based shop diagnostic equipment
McCormick Motorsports has outgrown its current location and needs to move to a larger facility. With the move, McCormick Motorsports wants to acquire a Chassis Dynamometer System (Dyna) to expand its service options. The Dyna is a sophisticated software testing system that will improve quality and reliability of general customer repair service. The Dyna can also be contracted to customers with high-end performance engines for sophisticated load mode diagnostics. The Dyna system will help grow McCormick Motorsports' customer base more quickly.

Domestic auto repairs upon request. Custom engine fabrication for off-road and 4 wheel vehicles. Custom engine fabrication for upscale, high performance import cars.
Form of ownership: Form of ownership is Sole Proprietorship
part time on developing this business. Most important strengths and core competencies:
Matthew McCormick has been repairing and creating solutions for cars since he was 16 and he is now 24. He has been developing his customer base for as many years. Currently, word of mouth regarding his quality and business ethics of McCormick Motorsports is bringing more customers to McCormick Motorsports. McCormick Motorsports continues to invest in technology to stay current and at the leading edge of the automotive industry. Matthew McCormick and his team continue to take technical training courses to stay competitive.
Also, McCormick Motorsports wants to lease a Chassis Dynamometer System, which will generate extra revenues by performing sophisticated loaded-mode diagnostic and performance testing. The Dynamometer System will provide the tools to work with all vehicles allowing McCormick Motorsports to be at the forefront of the sport compact tuner market. It is a decisive advantage in today's tuner market to be able to cater to every customer that walks in the door regardless of drive train setups. There is no Dynamometer System of this quality in any independent automotive shop in Louisville. The new space is critical for the Dynamometer System and the expected business growth for McCormick Motorsports.

McCormick Motorsports buys and sells engines and parts on e-bay, which provides a competitive edge since traditional repair shops just buy locally.
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