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Neighborhood breakins.

Posted in: Crystal Cove
Sometime January 8th and 9th someone broke into our storage house. Several items were stolen. Lawn mower, child's batter car and sever lawn tools. I am posting this becuse when I called the police he told me they are having a problem in the area with breakins.
Please let other neighbors know when you experience these type of problems.
Neighborhood breakins.

I am sorry the dates were January 15th and 16th when the breakin occured.

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Moved to Shady Grove Hinesville GA, in April of 2009 and my trailer was broken into. They threw a rock thru the front door, while I was not at home. Who ever done it stole alot of things and some of those things had meaning to me. There were suppose to have camera's at the time and didn't.The camera's they did have were never hooked up. Called the police and found no one!!! All neighbors saw nothing!!  Mine was not the first one broken in to. But no one told us there was any problems here or we could have taken extra precautions. I'm telling you this as military families coming and going! Think twice and ask around just because it looks nice doesn't mean it a safe place. PS and Kelly Drive is not a safe place!

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