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How one can L.O.V.E. it Forward

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How one can L.O.V.E. it Forward after a 30 Minute Chat?


After you complete your 30 Minute Online Chat you will have a compelling cause, a computer with internet access, and a profile on a social networking site.  Now it will be time for you to build your extensive network. The best way to help make the world a better place is to help others that are working to help make the world a better place. This may also qualify as community service.  Hands down,the best free online community service program in the world!

1)      Send aunitedworld@gmail.com a couple sentences explaining why people want to join your cause. We will insert those on your web page. 


2)      Decide of your PIF programs name and motto. We have created a sample one for your review, so do let us know if you would like to make any changes.


3)      Contact other social networking sites and collaborate with other like-minded people and organizations.


4)      Congratulations! You already have a PIF page example, now let us help you network to form groups on other social networking sites. Send us a video!


5)      Congratulations! You already have your own stand alone website. There are many ways to access our site – Click here.
6)      Include as many different social and professional circles as you can in your network. Invite your contacts to join your group.


7)      Encourage discussions on (www.onlinecommunityservice.info) and other social networking sites.


8)      Don’t limit yourself to online publicity only. Tell everyone you meet about your PIF.


9)      Link to our group page (www.aunitedworld.org/all.asp).  Or go to www.aunitedworld.org/search.asp)


10)   As your cause gains steam, contact press (www.aunitedworld.org/press.asp) and plan events (www.aunitedworld.org/pioevent.asp)


11)   Act locally – Think Globally!
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