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BZA Policy

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Please submit comments on the policies and procedures Audubon Riverside should adopt regarding addressing issues before the Board of Zoning Adjustments and the inquiring as to, reporting and/or complaining of possible zoning violations to the Department of Safety & Permits. I have included background and questions to help frame the relevant issues on the web site under the heading ''BZA and Safety & Permits Policy: Framing the Issues''. Please note that the Planning & Zoning Committee shall address the issues at a public meeting on Wednesday, July 30, 2003, at St. Paul's Church, and the Board of Directors shall consider a BZA and Safety & Permits policy at the Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 5, 2003, at the Italian Pie.
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P&Z Policy

Please consider that the ARNA Board get back to basics. In all the other organizations which I have been active in some version of the following holds true. The President leads the organization (sets the goals, presides over the meetings). The Board helps to guide the organization towars attaining those goals. The Board may requests clearification on policy, proceedure, or budget, from the Commitee Chairs (perhaps even negotiates with the Commitee Chairs) and then confirms or rejects the final proposed policys, proceedures, or Budgets developed by the Commitee and presented to the Board by the Commitee Chair. The Commitee Chairs either live by the policy and implement it or the Chair resigns. Why Should ARNA be different? Why have the President and the Board Propose their own policy for their own review? Doesn't this leave the commitees out of the loop?
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