West End Boathouse Association

Toxic Partially Burnt Structures

Posted in: Carrollton-Riverbend
Can we get a list going of partially burnt down structures that MUST be removed. We need information on the toxicity of these ( to the neigbors )and info on who is responsible for removing these hazards if the property owners do not / cannot. The concern is that they create hazards - physical and toxic.

An interesting conflicting concern exists here - one of environmental ethics. At the corner of Joilet and Willow a big sign says that a fee of $500 or whatever will be enforced for littering, next to three burnt properties that have been burnt since just after Katrina (late 2005?). Is a few pieces of paper more harmful than three lingering burnt piles of plastics, household hazardous wastes, heavy metals and whatever was in the houses? Not to mention the danger of anything remaining, falling over or blowing around during storms. Trying to enforce litter laws would be easier (and more logical) if these structures that now appear to be toxic dumps, were removed.

Three on Joilet at Willow (1 yr+), one on Jeanette at Cambronne, etc...
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