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Hi everyone. I have been contacted by about 7 or 8 residents of Regancy Park. Right now we have more questions than answers but let's use this forum to exchange info and ideas. I have been to my home 5 times since Katrina. At first, the damage inside is shocking and discouraging. Each time, however, as I get a little cleaning up done, it seems less daunting. Hopefully, the units can be saved. There are a lot of considerations such as the EPA (environmental safety); the structural soundness; our willingness to move back or to refurbish and sell the units; and the viability of the entire New Orleans East area. The exteriors seem to be in good shape. A few have had fallen tree damage but most appear good from the outside. One thing I know is that New Orleans will need housing so I think the authorities will try to save all that they can. Who knows, the salvagable properties may even attrack buyers who want to buy distressed property for renovation and resale. I am no expert on any of this, but I remain hopeful. Please let me hear from some of my neighbors and lets keep the dialogue open. All the Best,

Ed Castille
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Confirmation Number

Hello neighbors, I had a lot of trouble signing in and getting a confirmation number to neighborhood links, because they sent the confirmation number directly to my junk mail box. In your regular email box look in the junk mail to get the confirmation number if you have trouble finding it.
Visit now or later?


Is this a good time to visit to assess the damage or should I wait a few months? I own 7703 Concord Place (on Downman) and wonder how bad the damage is and how deep the water got.

I definitely plan to rebuild, repair and/or renovate if it is possible. I believe the area near Lakefront Airport will be much better and far more valuable in the future. This could be a real opportunity for New Orleans. I'd like to hear what others think about Regency Park. Thanks.

An optimist,

Martin Walker
Timing of visit to Regency

Hi Martin. It's good to get a note from a neighborhood and an optimist. I live at 7511 Barkley Pl and had about 5 feet of water in my home. The closer to Downman, the less flooding. It's hard to say because there are actually 2 water marks inside. One about 5 feet high (I assume from the intial surge) and the other about waist high (where the water staye for 1-2 wekks befor draining.

In asnwer to your question about timing. I guess that depends on how far away you are from New Orleans and what your schedule is. I am staying 90 miles away in Morgan City and go into the city every few days. I am cleaning out my first floor completely in hopes that the sooner all the stuff is removed, the more likely the dwelling can be saved. It is hard work to say the least, but I think (hope) it is worth the time. I am sending a few photos I took about 3 weeks ago. They are of Princess Lane (parking lot), Barkley Place (courtyard) and my kitchen and living room. They are quite shocking when you first view them, but now that I have started the clean up, it doesn't seem so bad (I too am an optimist).

I have been contacted by about 10 residents of Regency and have compiled a mailing list (emails). I have added you to that list. I am encouraging everyone to exchange information, questions and ideas with one another. So far, none I have communicated with has been able to contact John Cross, the manager or any of the Board. Do you know how to reach them?

Thanks for the contact. Again, it's good to hear from an optimist

All the Best,

Ed Castille
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