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UNOP and the Uptown Triangle

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Hello Uptown Triangle neighbor,


Fix streetlights
Fix traffic lights
Fix potholes
Fix streets
Fix water pipes and restore water pressure
Restore streetcar
Restore St. Charles Avenue
Restore telephone service
Strengthen police force
Improve our public schools (Audubon and Banneker)
Improve traffic flow around Audubon School
Improve Carver Park
Clean up trash
Clean up neutral ground
Remove abandoned cars
Replant lost trees and landscaping
Replace missing mailboxes
Replace missing stop signs
Avoid increasing population density at Uptown Square and elsewhere
Create the Levee Park, from Audubon Park to the Jefferson Parish Line
Create Dog Park (within the Levee Park, between Audubon Park and the Corps of Engineers)


Now is the time for the Uptown Triangle to join in the Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP). We are blessed that our neighborhood did not flood. But even high and dry neighborhoods like ours have been affected by the massive destruction throughout the city.

UNOP is a citywide ?“recovery and rebuilding?” plan to restore neighborhoods to where they were before Hurricane Katrina. It will not deal with zoning and land-use issues; it is not a ?“master plan?” for our neighborhood?’s future. You can suggest any improvements or make a wish list for our neighborhood, but anything not related to Katrina damage may not be funded.

UNOP has the backing of Mayor Nagin, the City Council, state officials, and the Louisiana Recovery Authority. The planning process is funded by the Greater New Orleans Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation.


The city is divided into 13 Planning Districts. We are in Planning District 3, and Frederic Schwarz Architects was selected as our District Planner. Our contact person is Michael Haggerty at mhaggerty@schwartzarch.com. UNOP updates and information about our District planning team will be posted at www.unifiedneworleansplan.org. A representative of Frederic Schwarz Architects will attend our Annual Meeting on October 11, 2006 at 7PM at the Dominican Conference Center at 540 Broadway. The representative will be available to speak with you after our meeting.

The UNOP process is divided into four steps:
1. Needs and Goals Assessment
2. Recovery Scenarios
3. Draft the District Recovery Plan
4. Final District Recovery Plan

The first District planning meeting, Needs and Goals Assessment, will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2006, from 9 to 11AM at the New Orleans Arena. Our future needs and goals and our planning wish list will be discussed at this meeting. The UNOP District and Citywide meeting schedule is on our web site at http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/pdf/nhextra/3477700/666107177/526971492.pdf.


I am asking for neighborhood volunteers to take part in the UNOP process. You do not have to be member of UTNA to participate ?– the process is open to all residents of the Uptown Triangle.

I posted my Wish List at the beginning of this email. Use the Discussion Forums on our web site, www.uptowntriangle.org, to post your ideas, additions, comments, and concerns. Volunteers are needed to incorporate your ideas into our neighborhood suggestion list and present these ideas at the UNOP District planning meeting on October 14, 2006. Follow up reports will be posted on our web site.

Speak up for our community. No one knows our neighborhood like we do. It is important our voices be heard as New Orleans rebuilds. Email me if you want to take part in UNOP or attend the district meetings on behalf of our neighborhood.

Thank you,

Sheldon Hersh, MD
President, UTNA

On October 7, 2006 the Times-Picayune published a review of New Orleans recovery planning. You can access this article at:
Wish list addition/parking lines

mark street surfaces so parking parameters are apparent, beginning in areas of highest parking turnover (Loyola Law School area; Audubon School;
Are there other problem areas?
how is it around Bannaker School? around any bars, stores, churches?

specific streets needing repair

Benjamin between Lowerline and Pine is truly dreadful.

Dominican between Lowerline and Pine is bad.

Other streets?
Carver Park thoughts

(In future, after the Tulane trailers are gone):
this park was IDd for NORD improvements under the bond issue that went into abeyance. The grassy field area is very little used. It would be wonderful as a place (finally) for NORD to add some nice plaza-style skateboarding areas, with seating and landscaping and berms, along with picnic and shade areas along the edges. It could improve the area quite a bit. Ask me for more details/questions. Here are some photos of the Kettering, Ohio skate plaza, very attractive
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