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Drunk Driving Crackdown

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Did you know Kansas City leads the state in alcohol related accidents AND in convicted drunk drivers who continue to drive?

This week a special commission appointed by the Mayor issued these directives:

1. Drunken drivers, or their vehicles, are to be kept in custody at least until the offender sobers up.
2. If the drivers are convicted a second time, they will serve a mandatory 48 hours in jail or in a weekend treatment program.
3. Municipal Court will get new computer access so prosecutors will know about prior alcohol offenses, even those that are suppose to be erased from court records.
4. Offenders will be supervised to make sure they stay straight for as long as they are on probation.
5. Repeat offenders might be subject to vehicle impoundment or made to use an ignition interlock device to prevent their vehicle from starting if they are drunk.
6. A major media campaign will try to convice people to ''take a stand'' against drunken driving.

It's about time.

By Jake Watson
Is that constitutional?

While I agree with Mr Watson that it's about time the city cracked down on this problem, I take issue with prosecutors finding out about past crimes that should have been eliminated from court records.

Don't you think a person should have the right to pay his debt to society? If a convicted drunk driver moves through our system and is deemed rehabilited, and his record is cleared as part of this process, I find it disturbing that 'clear' doesn't really mean clear.

By Amanda Stiles
Amanda, Your Right!

I completely agree with Amanda's line of thinking. If you pay your debt to socitey, you should be let free in the eyes of the law and the public.
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