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Posted in: Battleflood Heights
What are the things, issues or problems you would like to see an improvement in, in our neighborhood?

Are you willing to play a role in achieving those goals?

By John
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NOPE, NO BODY CARES ENOUGH TO READ what you wrote while the property values to their homes plummet because the City and the HOA are not doing their jobs.

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Damn bro, easy. "What role are you willing to play." We're so quick to assume that someone else should solve all of our problems, when in fact we all need to chip in to find solutions to issues that we can directly impact with minimal effort. "The HOA are not doing their jobs." I find the HOA to be extremely helpful, considering how little we pay each month. And my interactions with the HOA representatives have been overwhelmingly positive up to this point, and my wife and I have only been here a year. 


Take some time to talk with your HOA reps like they're your neighbors and friends... beacause they are.

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