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Speed limits

Posted in: Heritage Hunt
Mercifully, someone or a lot of people finally got some sense and replaced those horrid 24/15 mph signs with 30/25 signs. This is in accordance with all the other local subdivisions. Studies have repeatedly shown that unrealistic limits actually increase accidents by encouraging too-close following and unsafe passing. More importantly, I believe they have sent a very negative message to potential home buyers that beware, we have a Gestapo homeowners' unit right here on-base. Particularly galling to me was the use of our own funds to hire private companies to track our own speed with radar guns. I have seen these on occasion and the people doing it looked definitely low-class; just the type we see really speeding in their pickups. Hooray for somebody!
It was a good idea to change the speed limits on the main roads, however in the housing areas folks need to slow down.  Triple Crown Loop is not a race track and the speed limit is 25 MPH.  If folks can't slow down I will patition the county to put in some speed bumps, as much as I hate them.
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