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How long will it take for re-development to finally reach the area off South Blvd aound Belton? Some other streets as well are dotted with problem properties. Specifically from exterior observation the structures are in disrepair or dilapidated, generally trashy with junk cars in driveways. Assumptions are that the interior observation would be shocking.
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Well, the way prices are going around here it won't be a problem much longer. Soon there will be a shiny new mcmansion in it's place.

As a tenant in sedgefield with a well kept and great home I find your post offensive. My landlord left this place a dump, and my husband and I have spent over 1 year and plenty of money to make it attractive and something for the neighborhood to be proud of. I am saddened that I will not be able to much longer afford to live in this area, and good riddance if this is the attitude of the homeowners here.

Oh dear. As one of the coordinators of our neighborhoodlink site, I just saw your reply. I don't believe the person who posted this meant to imply all rentals!!! My own street, for example, is mostly rentals but they are nicely kept. The area mentioned by this post has been a problem area for many, many years as I personally know from living in Sedgefield for 20 years. There have been numerous crimes in that area and it is a constant problem for code enforcement.

An article in today's Observer concerns the problem of increased crime in areas of high rental proportion, but I didn't interpret that to mean every neighborhood with rentals.  

I think most homeowners here, and I am certainly an example, have been renters at one time or another. I rented in Chantilly before deciding on Sedgefield as my home. In the last few years I purchased and remodeled a home which is a rental and you would never know it because I keep it up so well. Please don't think that homeowners in Sedgefield have an "attitude." This is just not true. FYI, we do not encourage or support McMansions filling lots here in Sedgefield. We are proud of the traditional look of this neighborhood and are trying to keep it that way.



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Thank you neighbor!  Perhaps I did fly off the handle a bit.  And I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in my disdain of these 3 and 4 story monstrosities infilling what used to be nice spacious lots.  My own home is wee, but a cute and comfortable space for us and the pets, easy to clean, affordable to heat and cool, and after so many families being raised in a home that has stood since 1948 I find it very sad that it too may be destroyed one day soon to make room for a 4000 sq ft milk carton designed to hold the owner's 50 inch television set.  I beleive people have lost sight of a home's true value and instead wish to build a monument to the great American dream of accumulating as many possessions as you possibly can, no matter what the expense.
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