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I have to say, I really don't understand the hatred towards larger homes, it just doesn't make sense to me.  It's like being jealous of your friend for getting a promotion or having the opportunity to retire early because they have made smart decisions throughout their lifetime.  I currently live in a smaller home in the neighborhood, but wouldn't be opposed to someone building a new "larger" home next to me. Let's face it, Sedgefield doesn't have a lot of homes that have nice curb appeal.  The majority of the homes that have good curb appeal were either recently built or have received a face lift (why discourage this?).  If we had bungalows like Dilworth and Myers Park, I could understand the concern and wanting to preserve that look and feel in the neighborhood.  Also, I happen to have a 42 inch TV in my house b/c it makes for a pleasant viewing experience based on the size of my living room, is 42 inches too big or is 50 inches the cutoff?  I happen to look at the TV as a depreciating asset just like my car, computer, lawn mower etc. and hope that Sedgefield continues to move forward instead of backwards so that my house doesn't become a depreciating asset as well.  Thanks

As someone who owns a home in the neighborhood, I have no problem with improvement.  However, I also have an appreciation for an older home.  Just because it is "big and shiny" as you say, does not mean it is well built, or will still be here 50 years in the future.  My husband and I were renters in Dilworth before purchasing our home.  There is nothing wrong with renters.  The problems that come with slumlords, is that it brings the surrounding values down.  We appreciate renters who do what they can to fix a place up, when that is not really in their rental contract.  There are some homes that really do just need to be torn down, but others, could be fixed up while keeping the character of the original home. I do not want to live in Balantyne, and do not want my neighborhood to look like it either.

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