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How did tonight's village council meeting go, regarding the purchase of the pool?Money mouth

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the mayor stated in the meeting before its final they will call a town meeting for the residents input. but for the traffic cameras and cell phone tower different story. 

The AT&T tower was told to us in the October meeting, per the Mayor, that it was told to us at the September meeting but I was there and I never heard anything about it.

We were told before the meeting started that we would have to wait 1/2 hour before the meeting could get started because of one counsel member that will be late. So the Major decided to let the 3 people running for Franklin Trustee's to talk and a man from the Columbus councel (was not sure of his status). They each seemed to get heated between each other and one wanted us to vote for him but had nothing to give us a reason to vote for him.

What bothers me is that it sometimes is very hard to hear things when people get heated and talk over other people, but it is how people deal with  that which they are very concerned and upset. Some people voice it differently and at least you can say they did attend and had their voice heard, how ever they said it.

I am afraid that people will stop coming because they feel that they are not really welcomed, but I do agree that yelling never got anything done, councel encluded. But there again, it may be that persons way of dealing with things and they came in very upset and felt that they were not hearing what they needed to hear. Everyone deal with things differently.

Still not promoting the pool!!!!

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we didn't get anymore answers than we got in September.  According to council, they don't know how much it will cost to buy, what the life expectancy of a concrete pool is, they actually didn't have any answers.  Also, a surprise to me  and a few other attendees was the talk of a cell phone tower that AT&T may want to put up in the village.  Again, no answers on #'s or health related issues concerning towers.  Also the speed cameras as the mayor stated is  a "done deal" .  On all other issues such as ball park fence repair, pot holes, etc. they are waiting for call backs . 

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