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Speed bumps in Brittany?

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In the newsletter coming out in October, there will be a survey for neighborhood feedback regarding your opinion--the merits and drawbacks. What do you think?
Speed bumps

I am not in favor of speed bumps. I think they are dangerous particularly at night (notice the damage to the bumps on Boardwalk). Speed bumps also push traffic to other streets as speeders seek routes to avoid the bumps. Assuming offenders have been told of the dangers to kids and have continued to speed, neighboring residents observing speeders should note the license and keep a log on the occurrences. Neighbors might organize a telephone calling group to call the offender every time speeding is observed. If the offender does not clean up his/her act take the log to the police. The police are empowered to correct the situation.
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I hate the thought of adding speedbumps to the neighborhood, but I have witnessed some of our drivers (mostly our young ones) driving too fast through our streets. I didn't see the survey..?

I would prefer to start with a neighborhood compaign to SLOW DOWN, especially since we do have alot of young children in the area. I do realize this would be an on-going effort.
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