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Amplified Noise Ordinance

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I know what you mean there are dogs next door to me that the owner leaves inside her apartment so when shes gone they are frantic and don't stop barking they follow my foot steps so if I go into my kitchen they run into their kitchen that butts up to my wall and bark bark bark then if I walk back to my bathroom they run back there and bark bark bark! When the lady sits on her porch and smokes she brings them out there and they bark bark bark at people walking by. Like you I've trained many animals even my cat that obeys hand language. I've offered to train her dogs but she thinks they are perfect.  The dogs are so messed up that she carries them on her for arms while trying to cook her dinner! You can pretty well know a pet owners real self by how their animals behave....

With great hesistation I called and complained about noise in my area because several people were bbq'ing for Easter and playing all their different music trying to drown each other's tunes out. I was in my home that has double-paned windows, with the a/c and fans going and my tv on and I could still hear it all. I let it slide for awhile thinkint they would get their food cooked then go in-oh no, it went on for hours and I finally complained because the night before (Saturday night) they played their music until about 11 p.m. while one neighbor fired up his chainsaw. I wonder what happened to common courtesey? 


Spirit of the law.... Obviously lawnmowers and such are a normal thing that only last a short time.


Someone blasting their awful Spanish circus music at maximum volume all day is a whole other thing.  I'm on a few acres as is everyone around me.  We got some new renters that think that everyone around here wants to listen to their trumpet blaring guys nuts in a nutsack nonsese.  Newsflash:  We don't.   Its so loud they have to scream at eachother at the top of their lungs to communicate.  You can hear it clear as day from several acres away.  This makes no sense.  It appears that they are just trying to pick fights with the people around them.  I'd like more than a fine for this, I want them to get prison time.

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Is there an online source where the above statutes/rules re Noise for Nueces can be found?  Thank-you.

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