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What's up with Bexar Met?

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HI, I am a new homeowner and I have never seen such a huge bill for water in my life. Even if they do charge for sewer and garbage, it's still too high. I don't know if anyone else agrees with me but let me know. Also, there's a fee that's been added to our bill called ''system impv fee'', I think it's ridiculous. Don't we already pay for that in our taxes? Just because we don't pay property taxes, doesn't mean we don't pay any! Another thing... why doesn't anyone recycle around here? I was so SURPRISED to hear that in this area especially because we have a homeowners' association. You would think we'd be ecouraged to do so since it does help the environment and reduces our costs of trash, don't you think?

I am not wanting to pick a fight with anyone but I think we deserve to know facts about Bexar Met. They claim to be affiliated with SAWS... I really don't know. Not only that but doesn't anyone want to recycle????
Can someone please help me understand!

I completely agree with you on the whole matter. I grew up in this neighborhood, and my family moved into this area, not too long ago; I am amazed at how it has gone downhill.

As for the recycling thing....I've had neighbors that went through WM to recycle...I watched as WM threw trash and their recyclables all together. They were paying to have their stuff recycled and the trash company was too lazy to send a seperate truck out. So, they stopped recycling, why waste money?

However, a company that a lot of neighbors have recently switched to, is cheaper with trash and they offer FREE recycling, I've seen 2 separate trucks pick things up.This company is called, TIGER.

Hope that helps.

As far as water bills, maybe you have a leak or something. I would water my grass every other day in the summer and the highest my bill ever got was $17. The sewage bill....I think SAWS is ripping people off, to charge more in sewage than in water???? Seriously? That's who I have issues with, not Bexar Met.

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