Public Safety Notice-Organized Crime in your Area

Posted in: San Bernardino CA
Public Safety Notice: Gang Stalking This neighborhood reportedly has an ongoing ??œgang stalking??? operation (also known as ??œorganized stalking???). This type of crime is not related to street gangs; rather it involves illegal surveillance and harassment of targeted individuals by multiple perpetrators (called ??œperp??™s??? or ??œbrown-nosers???) working together. The stalking is often done for vengeance or to silence potential whistle-blowers. Tactics include making threats and abusive comments, breaking into the victim??™s residence, slander (lying about the victim), harassment by noise (often from adjacent apartments), criminal invasion of privacy ??“ for example, by tapping phone lines and hacking computers (the crime of eavesdropping ??“ a violation of California Penal Code sections 630 ??“ 638), and other crimes. Beware of persons who might be falsely impersonating law enforcement personnel (in violation of California Penal Code section 538d) to recruit participants for gang-stalking operations (as distinguished from legitimate ??œneighborhood watch??? programs). If you are in doubt about the identity of such persons, contact your local sheriff??™s office or police department. Stalking (maliciously following, harassing, and threatening another person) is a violation of California Penal Code section 646.9 and may be punishable by up to three years in state prison for a first offense. To watch an ABC TV show segment illustrating how gang stalkers and other criminals impersonate law enforcement personnel to recruit unsuspecting citizens to help them: Perform a Google search of the following: ??œGang stalking + ABC + John Quinones + Comply or Question Authority??? To read the affidavit of a former head of the Los Angeles FBI office about gang stalking: To see U.S. Department of Justice crime survey statistics about gang stalking: Websites with additional information about gang stalking: (Search for ??œgang stalking??? articles within the website.) To inquire about criminal prosecutions for organized stalking crimes, call the California Attorney General??™s office at this toll-free number: (800) 952-5225
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I have been stalked, cut off on the freeway, nailed and screwed on my tires, rocks in my sewer cleanout, adjusted full pressure the water pressure regulator for my house blowing my water heater lines and causing me to replace the wood floors and repair ceiling damage due to second floor toilet blown water line. A roof tile was moved over and so the rain water leaked into the garage. They started this in 2006 in Rialto. I moved out in 2008 since they were blowing out their car speakers with loud noise at nights. Now, it is 2014, and they just let the air out of my front tire.They were able to get into my rental and tore up the garage door opener, rails, cut the spring line, cut wires to outlets in the garage (I left it the same up to now) and they pushed the huge bulb off the walk light I installed thirty years ago and never came off until last month, March 2014.

I just had the rear tire with the nail on it repaired after for all these years. I took it to warehouse store on 4th Street, Rancho Cucamonga. It looks like one of those stalkers work there. He opened the tire and closed it back up without removing the nail. I had to take it back the next day and I had to report it to the Supervisor the next day. He said 'sorry' and that ' it should not have happened'.I have the receipt that shows I took it back there the next day.

There are always two guys at least stalking. One of them was stalking me at a fitness center in Fontana on Cherry and Baseline. He wears that Muay Thai shirt as if to say he's tough since he's about 300 pounds and I'm 120. I have been bringing my camera around but I just haven't had the chance to catch those people in the act. I remember they used to work in construction. I have seen them at Home Depot and Lowes but they haven't lasted long working there. If you see some kid ducking down next to car or truck tires, just take a photo and put it here. Don't approach them as you will be the next target.

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