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Parking in UH

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Do you think University Heights has a parking problem? Do you have any suggestions on improving current parking areas in parts of University Heights? Let us hear from you!
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i have lived in University Heights  for almost 10 years. I love this area and plan on living here for the forseeable future. 
I am very frustrated by the parking in this neighborhood, there is no real enforcemnt of parking regulations and there are  several people on my street alone, that monopolize a majority of parking with there large construction vehicles, that i know are not supposed to be parked on public roads. also there is a single man that usually has at least 5 cars parked infront of his house , never moving them unti its time for street sweeping, he has a camper that someone loves in, which is unsafe at best, but also , not legal.

He has an extension cord run accross   the public sidewalk to supply power to whomever is living in his camper. he yelled at me the other day because i was parking my car near his house and he said it was his spot and i had to move my car. i said no, i have every right to park my 1 car on the street, and that he shoudl park in his private spot on his property, he has at least 3 off street spaces on his  land, but decides to take several spaces on the street, which leaves no spaces for anyone else. .it is very frustrsting to have to park sometimes an entire block away from my home, when he has taken all the parking, 

my big suggestion to fix the parking is fining and towing cars and construction vehicles  that are illegally parked, right on the corner of MIssion and Florida is a trash trailor  that takes up at least 3 parking spaces that should never be allowed to be parked on the street, it also never moves until street sweeping, this person also has off street parking, but insists on parking 2 construction trucks and well as his own 2 truck s in the street.

the police and parking enforcement could make alot of income if they would do their jobs and get the illegally parked vehicles off the public streets  and spot people from parking on th estreet if they have parking avaiable off the street. 


thank you for the time. 

Ray Thomas

frustrated citizen 


P.S. my husband and i have been sharing a car for 5 years, so it's extra upsettring that a majority of the parking is monopolized, illegally , by a minority of the citizens. 

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