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Does anyone recall the time when after presidential elections, we the people, joined again for the good of all people?  Yes, there has always been problems, but always we could see improvement,


Today, too many politicians, former politicians, and never was, and never will be politicians are involved in the decision making of the two major parties.  People who was less than successful in their bids for public office and in their jobs are still having a say in what is and is not happening in Washington DC.  Stop it!!!


Too many people harbors ill will based on what they think should have or should not have happened in the 2008 election.  All you paid politicians need to go to work.  You have the committees.  Go do something. God knows you guys are paying yourselves enough.  Your little phony newsletters with mentions of things that make little or no difference to most shows me that you need to accomplish something lasting and beneficial for the masses.  Do something!!! 


You politicians are wasting time.  Getting paid because you campaigned the best.  I say go to work and earn your money.   Politicians are basically reacting to issues.  Seldom are proactive decisions made that is for our good.  Get a backbone!!!


All you washed up, washed out, never was, never will be politicians need to use your time and energy elsewhere.  Humble yourselves and do some good deeds.  Keep your two-bits out of Washington DC.  And those who have been elected, do your jobs, for peace sake!!! 

America has not been perfect in my lifetime, but America has been better in my lifetime.  I am declaring a moratorium on evil doings.


Do you know that when you choose to hear and believe without question you could be building your beliefs on untruth things?


I would like to know if you know the difference between what you believe and what you know? 


Are there people who does not want to prosper on their own and who does not want to see others prosper on their own?


Are there people who have a job and does not want to see those  with no jobs, get jobs?


Are there people who have health-care  and can afford health-care, who does not want others to have health-care, unless those others can pay exactly what they can pay for health-care?


Are there people who would kick a family out of a home, with no place to go, and allow the home to sit and deteriorate from the wear and tear of the weather?


Are there people who would rather cast a vote and see millions with no money become homeless, because they believe some of the millions are lazy, dope smoking bums who does not deserve tax payers money?  


Are there people who feel sorry for multi-billion dollar companies, but feel individuals should be able to pick themselves up by their boot straps even if they have no boots.


Are there any people who actually want to live life with

constant war,

no healthcare,

doing volunteer work,

living in shelters,

getting news about all you know from 1-2-or 3 people,

knowing at least you are better off that 10 million people

having people who want for absolutely nothing, tell you what you think, how you think, when to think, who you like, who you dislike



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