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As many of us have seen on the news, Australia’s people and wildlife have been tormented by seemingly unending wildfires that have scorched the country. With our friends in our thoughts, we are reminded of last summer’s devastating fires in the western United States and how climate change was a key factor in why fires burned so intensely and for so long.

The National Wildlife Federation has worked diligently to address the causes of these devastating fires here at home—seeking to protect the communities and wildlife we hold dear. As you will read in our wonderful stories, restoring wildlife habitat is just one way we can take climate action and improve our communities’ resilience to climate-fueled disasters.


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5 Species Impacted by the Australian Fires

5 Species Impacted by the Australian Fires

Scientists estimate over a billion animals have been impacted by Australia’s wildfires, either directly lost in the flames or faced with the utter destruction of their habitat.

Let’s take a closer look at five species affected by this climate disaster.

Help Wildlife That Help Us!

Help Wildlife That Help Us!

Critters big and small help protect us from flooding, eat pests, and even help in the reduction of climate-disrupting carbon!

Learn more about how we can protect these cherished—and helpful—species!

Protect Birds
Protecting Our Migratory Marvels

Protecting Our Migratory Marvels

After 100 years of migratory birds being protected by landmark legislation, the Trump Administration rolled back vital safeguards.

Learn how new legislation will re-establish these protections for cherished birds.

It's Now or Never(glades)

It’s Now or Never(glades)

America’s Everglades—and the rare wildlife who call it home—need our help!

Learn 8 facts about this incredible place and why we must restore it.

Beavers: Nature's Best Engineers

Beavers: Nature’s Best Engineers

Did you know beavers restore creeks & streams to the benefit of prairie birds and fish?

Read how one Idaho rancher is inspiring more to adopt beaver-assisted stream restoration!

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